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Breath with Snowboard Goggles|ZealOptics Eclipse SSPX

ZealOptics Eclipse SSPX Goggles

Goggles are an essential piece of gear for playing in the mountain powder and I found the most incredible goggles – ZealOptics Eclipse SSPX. While they are awesome (and I’ll explain why later) they did share one common problem with all other goggles – I can’t breath. The foam on all of the different snowboard goggles (Oakley, Anon, Dragon, VonZipper, Spy) cramp my nose.

My big nose...

I realize that might be a design flaw, but the reality is that it could just be … me and my big nose. Just look at the thing; it is ridiculous. So design flaw in the goggles or my nose; I can’t be the only one. When I put the goggles on the foam pinches my nose. While in the board shop it never feels like much, but pounding down some steep pow or shreddin’ a sick tree run leaves me sucking for air.

Can't Breath
Breath Right

There had to be a solution.

Then it came to me … Breath Right strips.

Breath Right … with Snowboard Goggles

Breath Right Application

My solution seemed simple. I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work at first but I have been pleasantly surprised. I bought the largest strips I could find, then applied one not on my nose but on the foam of the goggles. The Breath Right strip pushes the foam out and keeps it off my nose; full air intake!

One of the best things about sticking it to the foam is that it lasts a long time. I finally replaced the strip after using it over 20 days. It is a simple tip that makes these the perfect goggles.

Reviewing the ZealOptics Eclipse SSPX


Now that I can breath we can get back to reviewing the goggles. While searching for goggles I had tried many and found the clarity that comes from spherical lenses was a must have requirement. When we first moved to Colorado I found that my eyes were toast the following day. I would sit in my cube, like a good Cube Dweller, but my eyes would often start to twitch and have trouble focusing. I know I’m getting older, but this only happened the day after enjoying the slopes on a wonderful blue bird day. This was a goggle problem.

My quest for easing eye strain led me to spherical lenses, but I was also concerned about the wide variation in light conditions. I hate to go back to the car to get food, why would I consider going back to swap out goggles (or lenses) during the day? I was convinced there had to be a solution, a set of goggles with spherical lenses that would protect my eyes in a wide range of conditions — that’s when I found ZealOptics.

The company produces one of the few lenses that adapt to light conditions. Their technology produces a spherical and photochromatic lense that adjusts allowing different amount of light transmission from 13% to 43%. I could hardly believe it when I found them last year; it seemed too good to be true.

I’ve ridden blue-bird days from white powder then into tree runs with stark shadows. I’ve rocked the Zeal’s on gray days and even in snow where it was a white-out with the goggles off. In every condition they … just work.

Better yet, Zeal Optics – lives it and they live it in Colorado. The company is founded by people passionate about enjoying life outside the box and they realize how important good vision is to being able to enjoy it. Or as they say …

Try Zeal on and SEE the difference!
Enjoy your Zeal!


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