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21-15-9 Rep Workout|Plyometric Box Jumps|Pullups|Kettlebell Swings

Pressed for time?

Here is an awesome workout that only took me 22 minutes including a 5 minute warmup! Try it and quit saying you don’t have time to exercise. The workout is a three rounds of box jumps, pullups, and kettlebell swings.

The Warmup – jump rope

To warm up I’ve been enjoying using my jump rope. Now I wish I could say that I can just jump non-stop, but … not so much. In fact I’m so inconsistent it drives me nuts. At times I can jump 100 times in a row. Other times I struggle to get 5 times without tangling in my feet. Crazy. Either way I find jumping rope is a wonderful way to get warmed up and break a sweat.

Jumping rope is a great warmup and can be a workout in itself. Yavor from Relative Strength Advantage says this in his post about jumping rope:

When done regularly, this kind of training, will develop your coordination aerobic and anaerobic power and capacity, balance, quickness of feet and hands, speed, agility, and explosiveness. It will also of course greatly aid in weight loss.

Great benefits and a perfect warmup. Tonight I jumped rope for 5 minutes.

The Workout – 21-51-9

Three rounds of descending sets – I find these push my body. The lower rep count for the subsequent sets lets me keep each set at a high intensity without rest breaks. I work this entire workout with limited breaks only when needed; I mean needed, like you are completely out of breath.

Box Jumps

Wait for my post tomorrow on Plyometric Boxes that I just finished making. These are incredible cardio and leg trainers. I built a 24″ box and a 12″ box. For this workout I used the taller 24″ box.

Stand flat on the floor facing the box, jump up on top, then extend your legs and hips fully. Jump off and repeat.

Vertical Jump Affiliate program


I perform kipping pullups with a wide grip. Tonight I tried using a thumbless grip, where I keep my thumb on the same side of the bar as my fingers. It works the grip more.

Kettlebell Swings

I got to use my brand new Ader 28kg Kettlebell for the kettlebell swings. It is so good to have a heavier bell to use.

Work through these three rounds and tell me how it goes. I found it a perfect workout to fit in the limited time I had. Now time to eat, shower, and get out of the house.


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