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Kettlebell Routines|Beginner Workout

What Do You Live Under A Rock

Where to start with kettlebells? Unless your the guys living under the rock on the Geico commercial you have been hearing about kettlebells. They have become incredibly popular as a way to burn fat, build muscle, and pack high intensity cardio into a short workout. Here is a kettlebell routine for beginners.

This is part of a series of posts on kettlebell routines you can use in your own workouts. Each kettlebell routine will be focused on different application.

Remember, I’m not your doctor. Talk to yours before starting any workout program.

Beginner Workout

This kettlebell routine is designed for someone just starting out with kettlebells. The workout consists of five exercises. The first time through this exercise listen to your body, take rests, and celebrate completing each circuit of the five exercises. It is okay to work into it, move towards nailing three sets of the five exercises in this kettlebell routine.

Do this workout three times per week for 3-4 weeks.

Start Light

Put your ego aside when you start with kettlebells. The dynamic movements involved force your body to work much harder than other types of exercise. Start with a very light weight kettlebell to work on your form. Then gradually move to heavier kettlebells.

I recommend that men start with a 16 kg (35lb) kettlebell and women start with a 8kg (18lb) kettlebell.

The Workout Structure

This kettlebell routine is structured into a circuit of five exercises. When performing circuits the goal is to complete all of the exercises with as little rest as possible between them. Take a break between circuits; 1-2 minutes. Then continue. Work until you can finish three rounds in good form.

  1. Rounds: 3 rounds of the five exercises
  2. Reps: 10 of each exercise
  3. Rest: 1-2 minutes between rounds seconds between exercises

The Workout Exercises

The exercises in this kettlebell routine are simple, but the form is still very important. Kettlebell routines use dynamic and explosive movements you don’t want to injure yourself or anyone nearby. While I have never seen a kettlebell get launched accidentally I met someone who watched someone lose their grip and send a kettlebell into a wall size mirror. Be careful and cautious as you start. Kettlebell routines can be a safe and effective way to workout; take your time and be safe.

Here are the exercises in this kettlebell routine:

  1. Two Hand Kettlebell Swing – 10
  2. Figure 8 – 5 each direction
  3. Kettlebell Squat – 10
  4. Kettlebell One Arm Row – 5 each side
  5. Floor Press – 5 each side

This type of workout is an example of the circuits that Chris has included in his latest product, the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution v2.0.   If you like it be sure to go checkout his program.

After burner

I like to put in a body weight exercise at the end of my workouts to push myself; the after burner. When you are done with the kettlebell routine, recover with another rest period, then see how long you can keep going with the after-burner: burpees.

I love burpees because they are brutal and easy to add into any routine. Check out Squats|Swings|Burpees|Oh my! or Burpees|Mountain Climbers|Bulgarian Training Bag Swings|Kettlebell Clean and Press|Oh My!

Let me know how it goes. This kettlebell routine is a great way to get started with kettlebells.

To learn more about how to keep working so you make a visual impact – click the image below to learn about Visual Impact Muscle Building.

A Bit of Humor – Geico and Kettlebell Demolition

I love this Geico commercial and if you haven’t heard about kettlebells you must be living under a rock with Rick.

Remember kettlebells can do some damage. Checkout how Crossfit Marin does demolition.

Now get out there, grab your kettlebell, and give this beginner workout a show. Stay tuned for more kettlebell routines.


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