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Burn Belly Fat By Jumping Rope | Workout For Fitness

Jumping rope – kids’ game or awesome fat burner? Both! Adding jumping rope into your workout for fitness can help burn belly fat. Try these variations with me as I burn belly fat and try to stay untangled from my jump rope.

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Burn Belly Fat

Why would this kids’ game be such an awesome exercise to burn belly fat?

Simple, really the exercise burns calories. Jumping rope for 10 minutes burns as many calories as jogging for 20 minutes. Now I like that type of multiplication! Same benefit in half the time.

I also like the challenge and variety that you can add to it (see variations below). If you are like me, then there is lots of room to improve, progress, and keep changing the variations of jumping rope. And I do like variety.

“Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor” – William Cowper

“Variety is the soul of pleasure.” – Aphra Behn

Jump Rope Basics

Jumping rope is simple and can be done just about anywhere. It is one workout you can easily do when traveling, just toss in your jump rope and you are set. There are really two decisions: what type of jump rope and what is the proper length jump rope for you.

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Types of Jump Ropes

There are a wide variety of jump ropes available, but you don’t need to spend much to get started. Here are a few options:

  • Rope – just an section of rope.
  • Beaded Rope
  • Speed Rope
  • Cable Rope
  • Weighted Rope

Check out Buy Jump Ropes to see some of the variety available. I’m using a plastic speed rope that I’ve had for years.

Proper Jump Rope Length

To find the proper length for your jump rope follow these steps:

  1. Stand on the rope with one foot.
  2. Pull the handles straight up as high as they will go keeping them even with each other.
  3. The tops of the handles should be between your armpits and the tops of your shoulders.
    • Beginners start a little longer with the rope extending up to the tops of your shoulders.
    • As you progress start to shorten the rope until is comes up to your armpits.

Jump Rope Variations

To help build agility and pass the time work on skipping rope with different variations. Try these out next time you grab your jump rope.

  1. Straight Skipping
  2. Alternating Footwork
  3. Sprinting
  4. Cross Ladders
    • Jump with both feet, once.
    • Jump while crossing the rope in front of the body, once. Now go up.
    • Jump with both feet, twice.
    • Jump while crossing the rope in front of the body, once. Go up, again.
    • … repeat, increasing the number of jumps with both feet.
  5. Double Unders – spin the rope twice for one jump
  6. Criss-cross – spin the rope once on one side of the body, then the other. (see video)

Jumping Rope Video

I found this video from Ross Enamait from Ross Training. He shows just how far you can take jumping rope. I am no where near this good (yet). Like I said, I’m still trying to keep from getting tangled as I jump rope. It’s a fun video that shows some of the variations listed above.

Program to Burn Belly Fat By Jumping Rope

I’ve added jumping rope to my regular workout program as part of the warm up and cool down. Wandering out to my garage gym early in the morning, grabbing my jump rope, and starting to skip has been working great to get me moving. Likewise at the end of my workout I grab the rope and skip again to let the body relax a little.

Here is what I’ve been doing for 5-10 minutes before and after my workouts. I skip rope going through the following variations:

  • Straight Skips – trying to see how many consecutive skips I can do. Still struggling to get this consistent, but occasionally I’ll get in the groove and make it up to 70-80.
  • Cross-Over Ladders – I’ve been loving these, even if I still find myself tangled in my rope. The highest I’ve made it is 16 skips. (Give this a shot and let us know how far you can get.)
  • Alternating Footwork – I aim for 5 skips each: two feet, left foot, then right foot. Try to keep going as long as you can.

Take brief breaks only as needed.

So dig out that old jump rope, feel like a kid again. See if you can jump rope and watch how this kids’ game can burn belly fat. I’ve been loving it and it is a perfect way to workout for fitness.

Jumping rope is a great way to get in shape. To learn more about how to keep working so you make a visual impact – click the image below to learn about Visual Impact Muscle Building.


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