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YouTube Fitness | Hanging Windshield Wiper

I ran across a fun video explaining a variation of the hanging leg raise; the hanging windshield wiper. Take a look and give your abs a wipe.

Where Have I Seen Scott Herman Before? The Roxbury

Now I will admit that often Scott Herman’s workouts are a bit too extreme for me; which might shock lots of people that know me. His strap workout is insane, but Scott is a beast. No matter what you think of him, he is fun to watch. I just love his energy. Plus he had a role in Night at the Roxberry.

Not only can he fix your tricep problem … he continues to challenge people with their fitness.

Hanging Windshield Wiper

If you are still doing crunches – quit already. They aren’t effective and don’t help the lower back problems most of us already have from sitting at the desk all day long. (You do know that sitting is killing you, right?)

To build your abs strength, check out Rusty Moore’s Abs Blueprint to help build up your core strength. Rusty has spent time working with Stuart McGill to ensure that the exercises not only avoid back pain often caused by crunches, but includes exercises to strengthen and improve back strength.

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Doing the hanging leg raises in the Abs Blueprint workout has helped me build my abs strength so I could actually do Scott Herman’s workout – the Hanging Windshield Wiper.

Let me know what you think of the Hanging Windshield Wiper. I can do three in a row, then both my grip and abs start to … complain. How about you?


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