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Workout Finisher Review | Work Out Tips

Would you take work out tips from someone who lost 105 pounds of fat? Would you be interested in how he made the most of his workouts to burn fat by changing how you finish your workout?

Take time to listen to Mike Whitfield in this Skype interview. We had a great time talking, hearing his story, and reviewing his Workout Finisher program.

Check it out to get the most out of your workouts.

Mike WhitField Interview

Who is Mike Whitfield?

Mike Whitfield had a startling realization in 2003 – he was a big man. And I don’t mean Jay Cutler big either. Mike’s realization came after an intense Playstation session where out of frustration he threw the controller. On his way to recover the controller, he encountered … his gut. He was overweight, exceeding 300 pounds. At that moment he decided that something had to change.

Mike make a New Years resolution that stuck. He decided to start with Turbulence Training and started seeing results.

He worked hard and managed to lose 75 pounds in the first 6 months!

Since then he has continued to lose over 30 pounds. Along the way he decided that if he could transform himself and his life, he could help others. He has been involved in helping train others based on the foundational principles that worked for him.

He is actively involved in helping others improve their lives through fitness. Mike is a certified Turbulence Trainer. The experience he gained in his own transformation and those of his clients has helped him pull together Workout Finishers to help people get the most out of their workouts.

Why Workout Finishers

I asked Mike why he created Workout Finishers. Mike gave me two reasons: results and no cardio-machine backlog.

Reason #1 – Workout Finishers Produce Results

Mike said that he realized how important interval training was to his success in losing weight. (Can you argue with losing over 105 pounds?) He also saw results with his clients.

He saw first-hand what research has told us – that interval training is more efficient than steady state cardio.[1,2] Interval training is the best way to get the most out of your workouts.

Workout Finishers get results. They get results by building intervals into a brief, but intense, full-body cardio session. They help him and his clients get the most out of their workouts.

Reason #2 – No Cardio-Machine Backlog

You’ve been there, right? Done with your workout and ready for some cardio. Then as you make your way to the rows of cardio machines all facing a series of televisions, you see it – the cardio-machine backlog. Waiting, no circling, near each type of machine is another lycra-clad, water-bottle toting cardio-junkie waiting to pounce on the next open machine. They backlog is brutal.

So what happens? If you are like me, you end up just skipping it. There is no way I’m just going to wait around to get my turn on a stationary bike, or treadmill. See ya.

The cardio-machine backlos was hitting Mike’s clients too. He wanted a way to help them get the most from their workouts without getting thwarted by the lines of cardio-junkies.

Workout Finishers don’t require time on the cardio-machines. He eliminated the cardio-machine backlog and any excuses between you and losing more weight.

Show Me

I like practical applications, so I took the Workout Finisher that Mike talked about in the interview and had to try it – show me a Workout Finisher. It was fun and effective. Check out the video below. I filmed the intro after doing the finisher and you can tell I’m a bit out of breath – oh yeah.

Upper-Lower Ladder Video

Upper-Lower Ladder Explanation

The Workout Finisher is a series of supersets of two exercises varying the number of repetitions on each set. You start out by doing ten repetitions of each exercise, then reduce count for the next set. Continue reducing the number of sets until you complete a set with a single repetition. The down-ladder.

The two exercises involved in this Workout Finisher are the Jumping Lunge and the Pushup. It sounds simple, but give it a shot. After the second set I was starting to breath pretty good. Great way to finish off the workout I had just completed with my 28kg kettlebell and my bulgarian training bag.

Your Turn

So now it is your turn. Give the Upper-Lower Ladder a shot and leave a comment. Let’s hear what you think.

Buy Mike’s program, Workout Finishers, as an excellent way to avoid the cardio-machine backlog and get the most from your workouts.

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