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Interview with Danny Iny | Marketing, Online-Work, and Fitness

Marketing, online work, and fitness can they really go together. More than you may think. Check out this interview with Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing. Together we explore the intermingling of those three topics. Don’t miss it, get engaged with your audience, learn why framing your problems is essential, explore energy levels, and more.

The Interview with Danny Iny

Firepole Marketing answers your questions

Check out Danny’s 37 Marketing Questions Answered. Danny was nice enough to answer one of my questions, question #6, on what he’d do if starting from scratch and launching his first product.

Great advice for the upcoming program on the Bulgarian Training Bag program. Take time to head over and watch all 37 video responses to questions people posed to Danny about marketing. It will be worth your while.

Engagement – Get the Book

The book – Engagement should be on your reading list. Danny has published it everywhere from physical book, kindle version, or even a free PDF download. He pulls together a group of authors that could easily be called the who’s who of online audience builders to co-author the book.

Find a copy of Engagement from Scratch at his site. Read it and engage.


We dive right into talking about martial arts. Danny has been involved with martial arts for many years. We talk about how often the true benefits we get from something, aren’t the benefits that would help sell, or convince, someone to buy. Martial arts is a perfect example where people want fitness and self-defense, but after practicing they gain much more.

The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our Brains


Our lives are flooded with information; information overload. Too many times it is just distracting. Squirrel! Okay if you haven’t seen the Movie UP – go do it. Seriously.

But Danny mentions reading Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. And how through reading the book, he uncovered an essential step to helping our unconscious brains solve problems.

Framing the problem is an essential step. Our unconscious minds will help solve the problems we face, but we must define the problem clearly. Once defined, we just need to give ourselves some space to process. Fitness is a great way to let our minds process. Frame the problems, then go workout.

Just like I discussed in What’s Keeping Me Awake at Night. When we frame our problems, then step away our minds start churning. That framing gives us the flash of brilliance, or creative genius.

Capture It

Capture notes – when you get those flashes of brilliance, make sure to capture it. That could be aqua notes when swimming, or chillin’ in your hot tub. Neither Danny or I have found a way to capture notes while running on treadmill, find a way. That could be capturing a voice note to yourself.

It’s about Energy Levels

Think about an efficiency improvement in your cardivascular system. What if your heart rate could be 20 beats per minute lower than others. That means 120 beats less per hour, and 2880 beats every day.

That energy is saved and can be applied elsewhere – like your work.

We have both read Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. Jim Loehr teaches corporate athletes how to perform to their highest potential at the High Performance Institute. Tony Schwartz has a site called The Energy Project – jump on over and check out his blog. One of their underlying premises is to compete on our field of choice, the office, we need to be able to develop and deliver with high energy levels. Fitness is an essential part of coming to the table ready to perform.

New Training Program

Dating Relationships and Naked Marketing – an edgier approach to marketing. Danny is preparing to open up his training school and this is the video series leading up to that.

Here are the two of the four videos. Sign up to our newsletter if you want to hear about the others. I’ll send out links to the other two videos.

Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing

Learn More About Danny Iny

If you enjoyed this and come up with any thoughts or questions for Danny Iny – engage. Leave a comment here or jump over to his site, Firepole Marketing, and leave him a message.

Leave your thoughts below. How has the internet shaped your mind? Does fitness play an important part in helping you with “flashes of brilliance”? Has exercise helped you increase your energy levels so you can perform in the office?

Let’s hear it, leave a comment or question.


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