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Gain 19 Pounds in 8 weeks – Visual Impact with Srdjan from BloomToFit

Have you heard crap-science about putting on muscle mass? Are you skeptical about fitness programs to gain mass? If you answered yes to either question you’ll want to watch this interview with Srdjan from Bloom To Fit. He put on 19 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks using Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Bloom to Fit

A community of fitness bloomers focused on one thing: building a better body to have and live better lives. Srdjan doesn’t focus primarily on looks; instead he focuses on how out bodies were designed to function and offset the fact that many of us sit all day and are fueled by processed foods. Instead focus on a solid foundation that will help people reverse the effects of modern life.

Head over to BloomToFit and check out Srdjan’s information. Our sites overlap with a common interest in helping you get ready to enjoy all life has to offer. We are both engineers and need find ways to get out.

Visual Impact Muscle Building

Kill the scepticism with Srdjan digging through the experience of going through Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building. Srdjan has always been lean, but took on the challenge of putting on some muscle mass. It worked:

Put on 19 Pounds Of Muscle in 8 Weeks

The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program is a built on three phases: Phase 1 builds size, Phase 2 is a standard program to transition, and Phase 3 focuses on strength and fat loss.


Phase 1 Results: Add Mass

Training focus sarcoplasm hypertrophy. Focusing on drawing sarcoplasm into the muscle doing workouts of lower weight, but higher volume and lowering the rest period. Timing the duration between sets down to 45 seconds created a cumulative fatigue into the workout. (See my series on German Volume Training for more info on high volume programming.)

3,000 – 3,500 calories on a daily basis. That’s a ton of food. To build muscle mass means focusing on the calories your body needs to build mass and building a plan to eat properly. (See the same message from Tony DeLorenzo’s experience putting on muscle mass.)

Make a plan and stick to the plan so it matches what you need to be eating.

Check out the series from Srdjan on Visual Impact Muscle Building:

Muscle Mass – Stories from the Hot Springs

Fitness is a topic that is flooded with urban myths and all out bad information. Recently my wife and I had a chance to head out to Cottonwood Hot Springs for a weekend escape. It was great to sit in natural hot springs while in a canyon looking up at the stars. Wonderful!

But the story comes from what we overheard. It was so difficult to just listen and not engage. While soaking in the hot springs we were joined by a group of college students, both men and women. They wanted to build up some guns. After some chatter their plan boiled down to muscle memory.

They explained muscle memory as the way your body can grow muscle mass. They suggested that you can work hard, lift heavy for a period. During that time your body builds up the infamous muscle memory.

Then they said the key to gaining muscle mass is to stop working out and eat. Eat massive amounts of food, but you don’t want to burn it off. They said that from your heavy training your body knows how to build muscles; because you have muscle memory.

I hope you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that none of them was built. Apparently they hadn’t trained to build up their muscle memory.


Build Muscle Mass with a Proven Method

Check out Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building Program. Work through the three phase program and see how it isn’t about some hot springs conversation about muscle memory. The focused program will produce results when you make a plan and follow through just like Srdjan did.

Buy the Visual Impact program here and let’s hear your results. Can you pack on more than Srdjan? He put on 19 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks. What about you?


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