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How To Get Lean – Interview with Srdjan Popovic on Visual Impact Muscle Building

How to Get Lean with Srdjan Popovic of Bloom To Fit using Visual Impact Muscle Building. The program is a three phase program with this interview focusing on the third phase aimed at getting you lean.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Overview

The program is a three phase program to get you into incredible shape. Phase 1 is focused on building mass. Check out the interview with Srdjan on how he gained 19 pounds of muscle using the program. Phase 2 is a transition stage excellent for athletes. The third phase is focused on getting you lean – that’s the focus of this interview.

Get Lean with a Different Rep-Setup

Do no teach your muscles how to fail. Drop the volume down to only 1-2 reps and pick a weight that will let you stop before failure. Do not train to failure – the results develop strength and getting lean.

The phase is exposing your stealth strength by doing strategic cardio. This combines high intensity training and low intensity training to release higher levels of HGH. Through the phase the durations of the different training change based on your progress to pull energy from different sources. Each change is aimed at burning off the last levels of body fat.

Listen to your body as you go through the program. Measure your progress. Srdjan used the same concept as Tim Ferris recommends in the 4 Hour Body by using reference photographs. The mirror knows.

The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program works to get you lean – Srdjan managed to lose 15 pounds in 5 weeks through this phase of the program.

Interview with Srdjan – How to Get Lean

Read the rest of Srdjan’s details on his use of the program in his article: Getting Ripped With Visual Impact Phase 3

Get Lean with Visual Impact Muscle Building

Here is a video from Rusty Moore the creator of the program.

What’s worked for you to Get Lean?

Let’s hear how Visual Impact has worked for you. Have you tried phased combinations of high and low intensity cardiovascular training? Do you change up your repetition structure based on your goals?


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