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Inov-8 Not So Great | Is The X-Talon 190 Tough Enough?

I’ve been raving about the Inov-8 X-Talon 190, but are they tough enough?

I’m a certified new product development professional (NPDP from PDMA). All that means is I love to understand new market opportunities and then create products to satisfy those needs. But just making the product isn’t enough, the product needs to last.

Those two aspects make me wonder if the X-Talon 190 is tough enough. Maybe Inov-8 is not so great.

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

Check this comparison. I’ve had this old pair of running shoes for more years than I care to admit. Seriously, I bet I’ve had them for more than a decade. It is frightening. But consider the condition of them. The upper is not ripped, nor torn anywhere. Oh, they’ve been through trails off in the wilderness, rocks, and streams. But they just keep going.

But let’s take a closer look at the X-Talon 190’s after less than two months of use. And when I say use I say that lightly. I had so much travel in May that I hardly got out running in them at all. But … let’s be nice and say two months of use.

The upper is torn! If the upper is torn after two months of use is it tough enough to retain the title of the Ultimate Footwear for Me to Run a Tough Mudder?

Check the video where I can show you the details.

I know shoe companies don’t handle warranty work directly. Inov-8 is no different. I tried.

They said they don’t handle warranty issues and I would need to work with the retailer I purchased the shoes through. That’s fine. I bought mine through AllTrec. They have a lifetime return policy, but there’s a snag in that plan too. They don’t carry the Inov-8 X-Talon 190 in my size.

So I’m applying Shoe Goo and hoping for them to restock. I love these shoes even if they aren’t as tough as I expected.


Troy is the founder of Cube.Dweller.Fitness. He's an innovation catalyst in several areas of life including business, marketing, and process improvement. Outside of work he's actively involved in fitness, health, and living vibrantly in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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