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Are You Ready For A Change? Take On A Fitness Challenge!

Are you ready for a change? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Or perhaps you just decided sitting in a cube has somehow transformed your reflection into someone you hardly recognize. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change, change is still tough.

One way to get moving when you are ready for a change is to take on a fitness challenge. And I’ve got two options for you. So decide to change, decide to commit to taking on a fitness challenge.

Fitness Challenges – Why They Work

Why bother?

Perhaps that’s your first response. But let’s be frank. If you know how to change, would be stuck longing for more change?

Change, particularly lifestyle change, can be difficult. One of the most difficult obstacles standing in your way towards results is … history. You’ve trained yourself to live your lifestyle. Changing from that well worn track takes effort and support.

Super Hero Fat Loss Fitness Challenge

Join me in a Fitness Challenge.

That support is a key element in finding ways to make lifestyle changes successful. Joining in a fitness challenge is one way to get a cheering crowd around you to spur you on and celebrate those simple steps toward your results. A fitness challenge lets you share your progress, cheer others on, and be cheered on. A fitness challenge helps you change.

So I have two options for us Cube Dwellers! Two Fitness Challenge options for those who are ready for change.

Fitness Challenge #1 – 30 Day Kettlebell Swing

This challenge is from my buddy Srdjan and starts tomorrow. Read more about his 30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge.

He is pulling together a flock of tweeple to celebrate, cheer, and help each other to get moving. The challenge is simple.

Thinking about doing a little kettlebell challenge. 100 kettlebell swings for 30 days straight. That adds up to what…like 3000 kettlebell swings in a month. Not too difficult. You can still do all your other training just make sure at some point you get those 100 swings in. It would be about building discipline…doing something every single day no matter what the situation or circumstance.

Who’s down?

How High Do You SwingThat’s it.

Grab a kettlebell. And daily crank out 100 kettlebell swings.

While you are at it get your kettlebell swing form right with a kettlebell form check. Take your camera and shoot a quick video of you doing the swing from the front and the side. Then submit it. We’ll have the kettlebell experts review your form and help you learn how to perform the kettlebell swing properly.

Take on the fitness challenge, learn the proper form, and see results in 30 days.

Join Srdjan in the 30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge by tweeting your decision: Join The Challenge

Find me, @troyp on twitter and let me know. I’d love to cheer you on with Srdjan (aka @bloomtofit).

Fitness Challenge #2 – 12 Weeks Super HERO Transformation

Join me.
Super Hero Fat Loss
Join me by doing the Super HERO Fat Loss program for 12 weeks.

I started the program this week.

I’m doing the program in my garage gym using my pull up bar, my plyobox, my Bulgarian Training Bag, and my Kettlebells. Yes I’ve adapted Roman’s program for us cube dwellers with home gyms.

Cube Dweller Fitness Bonus – Workout Sheets

Are you busy? Do you want to burn that fat and be transformed into a Super HERO, but don’t want to be "that guy"? You know the one, carrying around a bunch of crumpled 8.5×11 pieces of paper in the gym. Don’t do it.

I’ve been loving the SHFL program as I read, and re-read, it. This is going to be a blast. BUT … I found something missing. So since I created these for myself, what’s mine is yours – Super HERO Fat Loss Workout Sheets.

Workout sheets

Workouts that fit on 1/4 page piece of paper.

When you get your copy of SHFL, just send me an email. Any subscriber who buys SHFL will get the Cube Dweller Fitness Workout Sheets. I’m here for you.

Watch for more articles as I take on my own fitness challenge with the Super HERO Fat Loss program. The more I dig into this program the more I am convinced this blows INSANITY out of the water. Don’t hurt your back with INSANITY, like I did. Instead take after the Super Hero creator John Romaniello with sound program design and excellent periodization.

Are you ready for a change? I want to push myself to get lean, do you?

Join me in the Super Hero Transformation Fitness Challenge:

  • Buy the Program: Super HERO Fat Loss
  • Get my Bonuses:
    • Workout Sheets
    • Super Hero Fat Loss – Garage Edition
  • Leave a comment below

What’s Your Fitness Challenge?

Isn’t it about time to change. If you’ve longed for change and are ready for a change, decide today to take on a fitness challenge.

That could be joining Srdjan’s 30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge, it could be transforming yourself with the Super HERO Fat Loss program along with me, or it could be something else.

What is your fitness challenge?


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