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Drop the INSANITY! This Workout Is Better.

I’ve done INSANITY from Team Beach Body and I’ve found something better. Drop the INSANITY workout and join me doing the Super HERO Fat Loss program.

Perhaps you’re like me …
Your time is precious. You have goals that aimed to you stretch and improve. You are want to get lean. You want to build muscle. So let’s compare INSANITY versus Super HERO Fat Loss.

Shaun vs Roman

INSANITY Workout Falls Short

There are options. I got excited about Team Beach Body’s INSANITY program a while back. It was filled with high intensity interval training. It promised to get me lean and push me. It faltered and INSANITY left me with an aching back.

Since then I’ve been looking deeper at the design of the program and I’ve decided that INSANITY falls short. The program falls short in two ways: weight and periodization.

Sure the program has three phases and changes focus from one workout to the next, but the program is consistently high intensity body weight intervals. The program pushes along one avenue. Depending on your background, training, and goals that may work, but it isn’t a diversified approach to training for fat loss.

Super HERO Fat Loss A Better Alternative to INSANITY

So now I spend more time digging through programs that I promote and try. I’ve been following Roman for a while and reading Roman Fitness Systems. He delivers sound fitness advice and an edge. While his style may not be for everyone, he is right on track. He delivers.

Super Hero Fat Loss

His latest program, Super HERO Fat Loss, has me excited. Not only excited to hear how he manages to transform other cube dwellers into Super HEROS, but excited to dive into it. I’m going to work through the entire 12 week program.

See Roman convicted me when he said that “program hoppers are destroying their results“. Call it ADHD or be blunt and call it program-hopping, I tend to jump from one thing to another. I do develop programs for myself but typically they are 4-8 weeks long. But I also spend time in between programs where I use “a little of this and a little of that” approach.

Time to focus. Time to focus and dive deep.

Why is Super HERO Fat Loss better than INSANITY?

Super HERO Fat Loss shares some common traits to the INSANITY workout:

  • 12 Week Program [TROY: My mistake, thanks to Les for his comment below. I had forgotten that INSANITY falls short being an 8 week program, 4 weeks shorter than Super Hero Fat Loss.]
  • Three phases

But the similarity ends there.

  • Workouts Per Week
    • SHFL – 3 workouts per week
    • INSANITY – 4 workouts per week. [TROY: Clarification: There are 4 workouts, plus an additional recovery program each week. 5 "session" per week.
  • Materials
    • SHFL – print and video materials
    • INSANITY – video only
  • Warm Up
    • SHFL – none included
    • INSANITY – Included with each workout
  • Equipment
    • SHFL – access to gym equipment is needed.
    • INSANITY – just your bodyweight

Super HERO Fat Loss – Weight and Periodization Makes It Better Than INSANITY

Bodyweight workouts can produce results, but lifting something heavy will produce results faster and bigger.

There I said it. Lifting heavy works, period.

So I could stop the comparison between Super HERO Fat Loss and INSANITY right there, but I won’t. Just because a program uses weights doesn’t make it inherently better than a bodyweight program. So let’s continue.

The Super HERO Fat Loss program has three phases.

Super Strength – Phase 1

The first phase lays a strength foundation with a metabolic burn. Nice and simple – 5×5 complexes. In simple terms this means lifting a weight that you can do 5 solid repetitions, then repeating it for five sets. 5×5.

But then add in a metabolic conditioning circuit that focuses on other muscles – don’t want to overwork those muscles just nailed by the 5×5. This combination is incredible for building strength, packing on muscle, while firing up your metabolic furnace to burn off fat.

Super Density – Phase 2

The second phase goes deep into density training. I spent some time training with a German Volume Training (GVT) program and this brings back fond memories of those workouts. This phase forces your muscles to respond and build deep dense strength. In this phase the weight is a little lighter, but both the repetitions and the number of sets jumps up. Your body won’t know what hit it if you haven’t done this form of training before.

The workouts are two time blocks of circuits. Keep going, build density, rest only if/when needed. Take a break, then hit another set of exercises for another time block.

zap pow bam!

Serious, like a Super HERO!

Super Intensity – Phase 3

This phase pulls together a high intensity combination that ratchets the workouts up another notch. These workouts are aimed at building muscle while shaving off the fat. The sessions vary to keep your body adapting, burning, and growing. The workouts mix in some density training like in phase 2 with some solid blocks of lifting heavy. A perfect way to polish off the Super HERO Fat Loss program.

Skip the INSANITY and Turn To Super HERO Fat Loss

Join me in the adventure and skip the INSANITY. Instead trust the expertise of John Romaniello as he’s poured it all out into this program.

I’m working my way through it and would love to cheer you along with me. After you buy a copy of Super HERO Fat Loss make sure to let me know so I can send you the bonus workout sheets. These will be an easy way for you to bring the workout along with you to the gym.

If you are working out at home, also let me know. I’ve adapted the Super HERO Fat Losss workouts for the garage gym. If you buy the program I’ll share my Garage Edition with you.

Together let’s rock this thing. Don’t hurt your back, drop the INSANITY and dive into the Super HERO Fat Loss workout program with me.


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