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The Bear Workout – Bulgarian Bag Bodyweight Workout At The Park

The bear workout - a full-body bulgarian bag and bodyweight workout

It’s a bear of a workout

Grab your Bulgarian Bag and let’s hit the park for a bear of a workout.

Bear Workout – Get Shredded

Workouts do not have to be complicated, nor do they need a lot of equipment. This workout is a simple workout that will leave you toasted, burn fat, and build muscle in your legs, arms, and core. The Bear workout is a full-body workout at the park using your Bulgarian Bag.

The Setup For the Bear Workout

The first step to performing this workout is finding a hill. We found a gentle grass slope at a nearby park that was perfect.

The workout has two stations separated by 30 yards. We tossed a cone by each station to keep us from wandering. Put your Bulgarian Training Bag near the uphill station.

That’s it; that’s the simple setup for the Bear Workout.

Exercises in the Bear Workout

The bear workout has 6 exercises:

  1. Bulgarian Bag Spin Left – Perform 5 repetitions of the Bulgarian Bag Spin go the left. The spin is one of the core exercises I cover in my DIY Sandbag Workouts Book.
  2. Bulgarian Bag Spin Left – With as little delay as possible, stop the bag from spinning left and reverse directions to perform 5 repetitions of the Bulgarian Bag Spin going to the right.
  3. Bulgarian Bag Power Clean – Shift immediately to performing 5 repetitions of the Bulgarian Bag Power Clean. This move is like a swing will a full extension overhead. The bag should not hit your back on the upper range of the movement.
  4. Downhill Run – Now drop the back and fall with style – head downhill. If you are doing this with a partner this is the time to motivate each other. Keep each other moving.
  5. Spider-man Burpees – This combo is awesome. Perform five repetitions of this combo move by doing the following steps.
    • Start standing upright.
    • Squat down and place your hands on the ground outside your feet.
    • Hop your feet back into the starting position for a pushup.
    • Perform a spider-man pushup. As you lower your upper body, bring one leg up by driving your knee outward and up as close to your elbow as you can. Return your foot back to the starting position as you lift your upper body back up.
    • Perform another spider-man pushup with your other leg.
    • Hop your feet back up between your hands.
    • Jump – drive through your heels and fully extend. Jump off the ground and reach overhead with your hands.
    • That’s one rep – repeat for 5 repetitions
  6. Uphill Bear Crawl – look towards your uphill station and crawl on your hands and feet. Keep driving and keep moving.

The Bear Workout

That’s it. Are you ready for a bear of a workout? Then get setup and go. Take breaks only as needed. To make this more challenging, find a partner and do this together. With two of you, each one will workout at one of the stations. You can keep each other moving. If you get ahead, you earn a break.

Work your way up to doing 5 rounds of this circuit.

Video of the Bear Workout

Check the video of Nate Morrison and myself doing two rounds of the workout.

Get Our There and Take on the Bear

Let’s hear what you think of the Bear Workout. Grab your Bulgarian Training Bag and hit it.


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