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Kettlebell Routines | Kettlebell Swing Workout

Have you seen them? You know those things that look like bowling balls with a handle. They’re called kettlebells and I absolutely love them for a home gym. They deliver a fast and efficient form of exercise that does not require much space in a home gym. But often people ask me, where can they start with kettlebell routines. Grab your kettlebell and start swinging with this kettlebell swing workout.
kettlebell swing workout routine

Just Swing

The workout is focused on a single movement, the kettlebell swing. While this movement may seem simple at first glance, it takes time to master your form and get it right.

But once you master it, this single exercise can pack a punch to help you burn fat, build muscle, and increase your cardiovascular endurance. That triad is perfect to help you get and stay in shape for any adventure. The movement is a key part of my recent snowboard workout program, Carved – Cut To Shred.

So this kettlebell routine will focus primarily on the kettlebell swing, so let’s just swing.

Kettlebell Swing Basics

Learning first-hand is still the best approach. I highly recommend finding a local personal trainer to help learn the kettlebell swing basics. They can help you quickly learn this movement.

Here are some key coaching tips to learn the kettlebell swing.

  1. Its the Hips – the swing is primarily a hip movement. Not arms, or legs. The first time people (myself included) start doing the kettlebell swing they tend to bend down into a squat then lift with their arms to raise the kettlebell. That’s not right; the swing is all about the hip snap – move your hips back, then snap forward. The movement of your hips is what will drive the kettlebell forward.
  2. Limited Tension – it would be easy to get tense when performing the kettlebell swing. You could grab the kettlebell firmly, lock your arms, tense your shoulders, and lock your neck in place. Do not do it – only apply tensions when it is required. Loosely grip the kettlebell in your hands, hold your body in position, but do not apply more tension than needed.
  3. Breath – the kettlebell swing is a movement that will not only build strength, but will also tax your cardiovascular system. You must breath throughout the movement. Check the kettlebell form check episode where I work on my breathing and hip movement.
  4. Two-Fists Apart – stand with your feet pointing forward and roughly shoulder-width apart. Bend down and check the distance between your knees by allowing for two-fists with extended thumbs. That check will help get your feet at the proper kettlebell swing position.

Kettlebell Swing Workout

This kettlebell routine consists of a series of four variations of the kettlebell swing. You can vary the weight of the kettlebell and your rest periods to focus on different goals. For fat loss and cardiovascular endurance pick a weight that allows you to perform the entire circuit without taking breaks. For fat loss and muscle growth select a heavier kettlebell that leaves you gasping for air after 25 repetitions, then take a 60 second break before continuing on to the next exercise.

Between circuits take a longer recover break of 3-5 minutes. Then perform the entire circuit again for a total of 3 rounds.

Kettlebell Swing Circuit

  1. 25 Kettlebell Swings
  2. 25 Left-Handed One-Arm Kettlebell Swings
  3. 25 Right-Handed One-Arm Kettlebell Swings
  4. 25 Alternating One-Arm Kettlebell Swings
  5. 10 High Windmills – optional

Kettlebell Swing Workout Video

Kettlebell Swing – the One Movement To Master

Take time to learn and master the kettlebell swing and you will start to see results. You’ll notice that your cardiovascular endurance is much better and you’ll end up running up stairs. You’ll notice that you’re shedding body fat and building lean muscle. All thanks to the kettlebell swing.

Let’s hear your experience with the kettlebell swing – the one movement to master.


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