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Interval Training Bridge | Kettlebell Swing and Ring Push Ups

Ladders let you go up; and down. But I use them for bridges – interval training bridges.

An interval training bridge is a workout that combines two ladders using two different exercises. The ladders cross forming the bridge.

Pick two exercises that use different parts of your body and that you can do roughly 12-16 repetitions in perfect form. This maximum repetition count is the top rung on your ladders.

Examples of exercises that would be perfect for an interval training bridge include:

  • Swing – Push up
  • Squat – Handstand Push up
  • Lunge – Press

Start by performing your maximum perfect form repetitions of one exercise. Then perform a single repetition of the other. Take a break for 30-90 seconds, then climb to the next rung on the ladder bridge.

Perform one less repetition of the first exercise, then one more of the second exercise. Climbing down and climbing up with each interval.

Continue climbing across the interval training bridge until you reach the other side, where you perform a single repetition of the first exercise and your maximum repetitions of the second.

Kettlebell Swing and Pushup Interval Training Bridge

Two perfect exercises for an interval training bridge are the kettlebell swing and the pushup. Both can be scaled up or down in difficulty to match your abilities.

Kettlebell Swing – Dual 28kg

24kg and 28kg Kettlebells

For the kettlebell swing I wanted to increase the difficulty for such low repetitions, so I grabbed both 28kg kettlebells to perform dual kettlebell swings.

If you don’t have a heavy enough kettlebell to reduce your maximum repetitions per set another variation would be do perform 2 repetitions of the swings, for every rung on the ladder. The goal is to find ways to alter the volume so you are have reached your maximum volume at the top rung of the ladder.

Ring Push Ups

Since the kettlebell swing is primarily working the lower body and back, I wanted the other ladder interval to work the front and upper body.

The pushup is ideal.

The pushup can be scaled up or down easily. To make them easier just raise the surface supporting your hands. That could mean using a bench, or even the wall.

To make pushups harder raise your feet, or add instability for either your hands or feet.

To crank up the intensity on this exercise I lowered my EXF rings to be just off the ground, then performed the pushups with my hands supported by the rings with my feet on the ground.

The Interval Training Bridge

Next time you need a quick workout idea that builds volume pick two non-competing exercises and do an interval training bridge workout. It is a quick way to build muscle and burn fat using interval training.


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