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Race Day Preparation – Get Ready To Kill It

When it comes to a race, you know that you have to start preparing in advance. Running a long distance is just not something we can roll off of the couch and do. There are some tips that you should consider to ensure that you get to the race in the best condition to be competitive and win.

race day preparation

Get Sleep

This may sound like an odd first tip, but without sleep your body will not be properly rested and ready to tackle training and the race itself. When you are training for a race, you are pushing your body to its fullest. If you do not allow it to recover via sleep, you will notice a decline in endurance and you are also likely to feel quite sore.

One Light Week

The week before your race should involve far less intense training than you have been doing. At this point, your body should be ready so continuing to push the limits could leave you exhausted on race day. So, you will still train, but keep it light so that your legs, lungs and the rest of your body is ready and rested come race day.

Eat to Train


This is not the time to either diet or eat and unhealthy diet. You need to fuel your body each and every day and have it fully ready to compete. A healthy diet will also help your body recover from intense training sessions. On the actual day of the race, you want to make sure that you are well-hydrated and that you eat a light meal that is packed with protein and carbohydrates, such as a bagel with peanut butter.

Interval Training

Interval training is ideal for both beginners as well as advanced runners. You will alternate walking and running which pushes your body a lot harder than just running alone. A good example for beginners is running for 15 seconds and then walking for 45 seconds. You will alternate this for a full mile for beginners and for three or more miles for those that are advanced.

Find a Partner

It can be a lot easier to stay on track when you have a workout buddy. It is a good idea to choose someone that will be running the race with you and/or a friend that is in good physical shape so that he or she will push you. The key is to help each other stay on track and get the training done.

It Takes More than Cardio

While cardio is the most important part of training for a race, you will also need to do some strength and flexibility training and this will enhance your results and help to prevent injury. Do strength and flexibility training every other day so that your body has a day to recover in between these workouts.

Dress Right

Not wearing the proper training gear can cause problems, such as injury. If you are training in the summer, you want to wear light clothing made of synthetic materials to help keep you cool. In the winter, layer a bit so that you can add and remove clothing as necessary. Your shoes should be designed for running to help keep your feet and ankles healthy.

Listen to Your Body

If you wake up on a training day in pain and just not feeling well, take a rest day. Rest is important for the body to recover. Plus, if you do have an injury, continuing to run could just make it far worse causing you to miss the race.

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About the author: Kennith Campbell writes for UltraSlide. When Ken is not busy blogging or reviewing slideboards and other fitness equipment, he spends his down time golfing and playing basketball with his friends.

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