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Pros and Cons of HIIT – Tabata Tips

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has been all the rage for the past few years but what are the pros and cons of this form of fitness. Is this for you?


Pros/Cons of HIIT with Cardiovascular Intensity

Pros Cons
Increases VO2Max May Be Too Strenuous
Can improve performance beyond plateaus Requires a foundation of fitness before beginning. You should be able to exercise at 85% to 90% of your estimated maximum heart rate for your age for 20–30 minutes without issues or exhaustion.
Less Demanding than longer steady state workouts on the heart Requires conditioning so your body can recover during the rest period



Pros/Cons of HIIT with Fat Burning

Pros Cons
Burns more fat with lower energy cost.

Okay, so I struggled to identify fat loss cons for HIIT. The primary focus of the research related to HIIT is on the added benefits of fat loss when compared to steady-state exercise.


Pros/Cons of HIIT with Workout Duration

Pros Cons
Done in 4–20 minutes No excuses about not having time to workout.
After-burner: HIIT boosts your metabolism for 1.5–2.4 hours after the workout Possible risk of injury with higher intensity during the shorter workouts.



Is HIIT For You?

High Intensity Interval Training delivers lots of benefits, but it isn’t for anyone. Take time to review the pros and cons to weigh out decision before jumping into HIIT.

In my opinion HIIT is a great addition to your exercise programs once you’ve developed a base level of fitness. Use HIIT to help push through plateaus, increase performance, or just add some variety.

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Ten Tabatas Kindle Book

Ten Tabatas There are many forms of HIIT workouts. One form is called the Tabata protocol, this style of HIIT is very intense and very brief. It packs a workout into just 4 minutes total time.

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Grab a copy of my book to get started, I’ll walk you through how to ramp up to the intensity of the Tabata Protocol and give ten different examples of workouts you can use.

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What Do You Think?

Have you tried HIIT?

What form of HIIT do you like best? (sprint, bodyweight, cycling, swimming, kettlebell, or something else)

If you haven’t tried HIIT, why not?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


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