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15 Reasons To Do Bodyweight Exercises Now

Here are 15 reasons to get started today with bodyweight exercises. This simple form of exercise is with you wherever you are — it’s the workout that travels with you. So cut the excuses and lean into this list of 15 reasons to do bodyweight exercises now.


1 – Great Way To Start

Want to get started with fitness, but not sure where to start? Bodyweight exercises are a perfect form of exercise to start with because it doesn’t place any additional strain on your body other than just your own weight.

All you need is you.

2 – Progression Built In

It doesn’t depend on your fitness level, because bodyweight exercises can vary in difficulty easily. You can change the exercise form, the intensity, or the duration — simple ways to make the same-old-moves more challenging.

3 – Super Efficient

Bodyweight exercises are crazy efficient. We are all hard-pressed for time, but starting bodyweight workouts has been proven to deliver great gains with very short workout durations.

4 – No Equipment

What if your workout was with you wherever you go? How cool.

Bodyweight exercises deliver just that. By just including your own bodyweight in your workouts, they are with you wherever you go. No longer stress about having the right equipment at home, or on the road.

5 – Perfect For Intervals

If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know I am a huge proponent of interval training. For general fitness the gains for both cardiovascular training and fat loss are both maximized during intervals. They let you vary the intensity and duration to keep you challenged and seeing results.

6 – Easy On the Joints

Adding exercise into your busy life shouldn’t result in injuries. Bodyweight exercises are a safe form of exercise that can improve lower limb flexibility and actually reduced injury rates.

7 – Delivers Variety

Variety Is The Spice Of Life.

Bodyweight exercises are plentiful. There are so many different movements and combinations that there is more variety in your workouts. That variety can help keep you interested and engaged in actually doing your workouts. And we know the best form of exercise, is the form you will do.

8 – Builds Balance and Agility

Bodyweight exercises are great for building up agility — improved balance and adaptability to live life.

Some studies have found that bodyweight exercises even helps people recovering from stroke. The exercises help our overall ability to move because core training builds strength through the entire body.

9 – Entertaining

Exercise should be fun. Bodyweight exercises are quick and fluid; keeping your moving. That tends to make the workouts entertaining. Have fun with the movements, enjoy them — as a result you’ll be back for more.

10 – Inexpensive

Gym memberships, treadmills, weight sets, and other fitness equipment is expensive. But to get started with bodyweight exercises — none of that is needed.

Bodyweight exercises are the most inexpensive form of exercise you can do.

push up

11 – Do It Inside or Outside

Fall is upon us in the northern hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean we need to be locked inside. Bodyweight exercises can be done inside or out. You can workout in your basement, living room, garage, out on the deck, or in a nearby park. The only limitation is your creativity and your desire.

12 – Combines Cardiovascular and Strength Training

Bodyweight exercises deliver combined training benefits of elevated heart rate and strength training. Many forms of exercise focus on either cardio or strength training. But by using bodyweight exercises you can combine your efforts.

Strength training with weights will deliver more results if you want to pack on muscle; bulky muscle. It really depends on your fitness goals. If you want to get lean, toned, and increase your energy level then bodyweight exercises are a great option.

13 – Improves Flexibility And Strength Training

Bodyweight exercises such as yoga, combines strength and flexibility training. By combining multiple forms of training you can increase your gains in multiple areas.

14 – Perfect For Fat Burning

Burn off that extra layer of insulation with bodyweight exercises. Studies have shown that bodyweight exercises increased body metabolism. That increased metabolism helps burn fat faster.

15 – Abs Workout Built In

With bodyweight exercises the abs workout is built in. Building the muscles of your abs, core, or midsection is important. Most bodyweight exercises require utilizing the muscles of the core to keep your body stable. No longer need to add an abs workout to the end of your other workouts. Bodyweight exercises have it all built in.

Start Today

Bodyweight exercises pack a punch. If these 15 reasons to do bodyweight exercises now have you longing for a workout program you can do at home, you may enjoy the Home Workout Revolution Review.

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