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Your Eyes Give It Away

Your eyes give it away. The eyes have been called the window to the soul. We often forget how much we use our sense of vision and how important it is to keep our eyes healthy.

your eyes give it way
your eyes give it way

Check this infographic for more details on the strange and wonderful facts surrounding the human eye.

The infographic covers:

  • Drinking – light or dark? One study found that the lightness of your eyes can reflect how you handle alcohol.
  • Politics – liberal or conservative? The truth is in the eyes.
  • Flirting – what three signals are in the eyes when someone is flirting?
  • Lying – which way did they glance? It could reveal when someone is not being truthful.
  • Blinking – 6.5 million times per year. That’s how many times we blink using the fastest muscle in the human body.
  • Amazing – our eyes can detect up to 10 million different tones.
  • Look AFter Themtake care because 80% of eye conditions are avoidable or curable.
Your Eyes Infographic
Your Eyes Infographic


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