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Brain Training And What You Need to Know About the Brain

Brain Training is pretty big business these days. Just checkout the Secrets of the Brain in National Geographic Magazine. In the last 10 years, we have learned more about the brain than in the previous 1000 years combined. What we have discovered has revolutionized psychology to brain surgery, to control of prosthetics, and the business of learning and brain training.

brain training in National Geographic

Brain Training in Practice

The brain really began interesting me over a decade ago when I got to see some weird stuff happening to some of my patients.

Mid-Line Shift Fixed with Brain Training

These individuals all had a phenomenon called a midline shift from trauma caused by car crashes. Essentially, their “GPS” was off center so that what they perceived as a normal picture of the world with them at the center was actually off to the right or left. Thus, before this disorder was detected, these poor souls would be bumping into things they thought they were well past (like a door frame), their balance was shot, and the would have pain and problems that all the “right therapies” couldn’t fix reliably.

Then… they got glasses and they were different people! What the @#*!

brain training with vision
(Picture from Dr. Lampert Vision Center website)

Basically, as described by the neuro-opthemologist I work with, it realigned what their eyes saw to where their brains preceived they were in relation to the picture. Their pain decreased, balance got better, strength improved, they even were able to life got better – fast!

The glasses fixed their brains.

Workplace Detective Cures Headaches


Lego has all the cool toys!

In the workplace, there are equally interesting brain stories. I had a patient that was suffering from headaches that only occurred at work.

His workplace ergonomics and health were great.

Then his office mate put a plant up on their common wall and his headaches went away.

Take it away and the headaches came back.

Being the Sherlock I am, I sat in the same spot he did and deduced that the plant was blocking an offending florescent light that was driving his pain.

We unscrewed the bulb once and it cured his headache.

His brain hated that light!

Brain Training By Removing Visual Distractions

Similarly, a woman complained of shoulder and neck pain that was getting worse.

Treatment helped a little but it kept coming back.

Sherlock investigated and found her cubical was set up with visual distractions.

The workplace setup was perfect except that her peripheral vision saw the motion from the passageway outside her door.

A nice big picture was hung to block her peripheral vision and… viola!

No More neck and shoulder issues.

Elementary my dear!

Advocate Brain Training

As a wellness advocate in your workplace, the power of the brain, specifically psychology, has a powerful effect on workplace safety and health.

In a two well cited studies, low back pain was linked and can be predicted simply through determining satisfaction with ones job. Just like visualization and sports psychology for the athlete, the brain effects performance to the end of victory or to the pains of defeat.

brain training to fix back pain
Low back pain from Eddie Gittins


Sound Off on Brain Training

In the next few posts, Troy and I will explore what brain training is and how to use it in your life as an athlete as well as an advocate. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, what do you think of brain training? How has your brain performance changed over the years? What would you want to change about how your brain functions today? Have you tried Brain Training? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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