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Dr. Grove Higgins began his work in health and wellness over 24years ago. He earned his BA from the University of Colorado and, in 2005, his DC from the New York Chiropractic College; he was recognized for his academics, excellence in practice, and community involvement, with many honors and awards. Through his undergraduate education, Dr. Higgins worked in collegiate sports doing paramedical work, rehabilitation, performance training, and strength and conditioning coaching. While pursuing his doctorate, he also taught gross anatomy and physiology to doctoral-level students and worked on biomechanical research, using 2nd generation 3D imaging.

Taking a break from traditional private practice, Dr. Higgins spent a year in Las Vegas, NV, helping found a technology company and working with MMA athletes. During this year, he helped innovate breakthrough technology, which is currently being developed at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and he continued to learn and to perfect his philosophies of training and clinical treatment.

In 2008, Dr. Higgins became the team doctor for the LifeQuest Adventure Racing Team. Recognizing the potential of adventure racing and the transformative nature of the sport, he wrote motivational and instructional curriculum for children, utilizing adventure racing skills; this would become Camp Challenge and the foundation of the next chapter of his life.

In 2009, Dr. Higgins helped form LifeQuest Military Transitions (LQMT) , a non-profit with a mission to support military men and women as they transition into, though, and out of service; primarily working with wounded, ill, & injured soldiers. Dr. Higgins is the principle writer of LifeQuest curriculum and has directed the program. Experienced in the subjects of PTSD & TBI, has helped hundreds of soldiers with injury and pain regain mobility, quality of life, and confidence in their bodies and life. The blessing of having worked with these honored men and women profoundly changed the way he addresses his patients’ issues as a private practitioner.

Dr. Higgins has been an independent contractor for Active Release Techniques Corporate Solutions, offering his services and consultancy to corporations and industry since 2006. Working with fortune 500 companies and many smaller, Dr. Higgins has helped transform their wellness cultures and save hundreds of thousands of dollars for each client company. In addition, Dr. Higgins has helped study several workplace ergonomic situations resulting in development of technological improvements to processes and tools that have improved efficiency for employees and reduced the chance of repetitive motion injuries.

Dr. Higgins is an active student of movement. He has personally studied martial arts with experience in Tae Kwando (Black Belt), Gung Fu, Escrema, Pentjak Silat, Aikido, and the Russian Art of Systema. In the martial arts, Dr. Higgins finds an exciting distillation of movement art, science, and practical approaches.

With a unique understanding of neurology, technology, and biomechanics, Dr. Higgins brings a valuable perspective on performance, pain, and achieving goals, to his patients. His continuous study of neurology from a functional perspective has allowed him to understand how training and operational environments affect the performance of the individual. This understanding of the intricacies of the control mechanisms and mechanics of the body has given him the ability to develop powerful modalities to train and optimize performance, whether you are a special operator, an athlete, injured in an accident, or suffer from a repetitive motion injury.

A life-long learner, Dr. Higgins is constantly seeking new and better ways to help his patients. He holds certifications in advanced soft tissue care and treatment from Active Release Techniques (Full Body and Nerve Entrapments), Z-Health Exercise Therapist and Movement Coach, Biomechanics (ART and University of Alberta, Edmonton), NSCA Strength and Conditioning, Spine Research Institute of San Diego – Auto Crash Reconstruction and Medico-legal Expert, and many others.

Dr. Higgins is also a volunteer researcher and instructor for Peak Research Institute http://www.peakri.com/. Here he gets to teach established and future manual therapists functional clinical anatomy as well as innovate kinesthetic learning methodology for use in the lab and classroom setting.

He is an active part of the Colorado Springs community and the regional Catholic Diocese, helping to inform and to create outreach programs to the military and their families.

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