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KB Blast


Time is limited, but life is awaiting. We all want to be able to move better, feel better, and … look better.

That’s exactly why we created KB Blast. It is a workout program that will help you get results fast, making the most of your time.

The program provides …

  • 3 workouts
    • Full Body Blast
    • Upper-Lower Blast
    • Arm-Core Blast
  • Video explanation of the exercises in the program

Grab your heart rate monitor and a timer and get ready to see a new you.

The program is completely 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t like it, or go through the program and don’t see improvements ask for your money back.

Speaking of money I want to help Cube Dwellers out. So this is pay what you think it is worth. The minimum price is set at $7, but you can enter in the amount you believe it is worth. The minimum was going to be set at $47, but for a limited time I’m keeping it down at $7.

If you find Cube Dweller Fitness a valuable resource to help you stay in shape to enjoy all of life, then pay what you think it is worth. Your purchase will help keep this site up and running.


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