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Welcome to CubeDwellerFitness.com
where we’re focused on helping people who spend most of their waking hours in cubes, offices, and conference rooms to live life outside the box.

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Who is Troy?

My name is Troy Pesola (Troy on G+ and @troyp on Twitter). I’ve been a cube dweller for more years, more decades, than I want to admit. At the same time I’ve refused to disengage from living life out loud. I’ve wanted to stay in shape to be able to enjoy live along side my kids, who are now both entering college. I’ve wanted to be able to see activities to do and be able to … do them.

I’ve wanted real life fitness a fitness that isn’t hidden under a layer of insulating fat cells, nor a fitness that is ripped and only useful during a body building competition. I want to be fit to live; live life outside the box.

That aim is the goal of Cube Dweller Fitness. The majority of our population is like me, spending our days enclosed by four walls. Our calendars are full, if not overfull, and trying to stay fit often gets crowded out.

This site explores the lessons I’ve learned. I’ll share tips, exercises, workouts, equipment, and adventures as we learn to stay fit so we can live life outside the box.

But remember I am just one opinion and I am not your doctor, nor your personal trainer. Always consult your physician about your own personal condition and health risks before embarking on any changes in your fitness or nutrition. You’ve got one life to live; live it wisely.

Live Out Loud

There is so much in life to enjoy. And we can enjoy it more when we are in shape. So join me in this adventure and go live your life out loud.

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