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Lifetime Fitness Colorado Springs – Opens 6 May 2011

Lifetime Fitness opens a 112,000 square foot club in Colorado Springs today!
They officially open at 5am – right when this post came out.

Lifetime Fitness – Colorado Springs Club

Here is that the company had to say in their Press Release on the Colorado Springs club:

Far more than typical ‘health clubs’ or ‘gyms’ that offer little more than a room full of equipment, Life Time Fitness (NYSE: LTM) is bringing its newest Healthy Way of Life destination to Colorado Springs, Colo. Life Time Fitness Colorado Springs will deliver an incredible array of sports and athletics, family recreation and entertainment, professional fitness and spa services and amenities, along with the certified experts and comprehensive programs that help people connect to their areas of interest and achieve their goals.

While I still spend most of my workouts in my garage I am looking forward to mixing it up with some group fitness and some equipment that just doesn’t fit in my garage.

I found a video of a sneak peak of the facility. Should be fun.

Life in a Globo-Gym

While I’m excited to have access to more equipment, I’m not sure of life in a globo-gym. There can be so much drama.

One of the ways I used to avoid much of it was working out early in the mornings. Both Lifetime and LA Fitness were open very early. Going at such a crazy hour limited the people that were there. After a while you pretty much got to know the crowd; that made it better.

Thinking of this new Lifetime Fitness in Colorado Springs has made me think more about the bizarre social environment a health club can be. I found it incredibly funny to read Kelly’s post on Working out at Home. In it he had this to say about the clicks often crowding the club:

There are usually the muscleheads that are too sexy for this gym, the “hot” girls that are afraid to make eye contact with anyone because they are tired of getting hit on, the older people that just want to workout a little without being intimidated, and the “used to be in shape” guys that are trying to prove that they still got it.

Oh boy. So what are we getting into? There are tradeoffs to everything.

What do you enjoy about going to a globo-gym? What do you dislike?

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