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Troy Barbell Kettlebell Workout

I am finally back out in the garage using my kettlebell from Troy Barbell company and wanted to share my workout with you. This is a great little workout using a single kettlebell to get a full body workout slammed out quickly.

Troy Trojan Horse

What’s in a name?

Troy Barbell Company

There aren’t many companies that get to use my name .. but there are a few. When I realized that Troy Barbell had a line of kettlebells I knew I wanted to try one. But that’s just the beginning of the story, see there is good and bad news.

Good News

The good news was that they were generous enough to send me a sample to try out. How awesome is that.

The company is founded on making high quality fitness equipment for gyms. They primarily sell olympic class weights, but they’ve added more types of equipment including kettlebells.

Bad News

Autoimmune disorder brain fog.

Since I started feeling blue back in January. Since then I fired my doctor and have been slowly recovering.

You might be wondering what that has to do with Troy Barbell company, right?

My workouts tanked. And my brain power to craft a thoughtful review was tapped. I tried several times, but only ended up with drafts that got deleted. I felt terrible about delaying the review after they had sent me a demo kettlebell.

Again the company held up a good reputation of the TROY name. They were completely understanding.

Troy Kettlebells

I have been back out in the garage using the kettlebell and loving it. Loving both the workouts and the kettlebell bearing my name.

After a few more workouts I’m going to dust off the video review and see if I can’t finish the written portion of the full review.

The Workout

So this workout is a combination of three supersets.

  1. Press-Squat-Swing
  2. Swing Combo
  3. Ring Press and Roll-Out

The Troy Kettlebell that I have is a 60 pound version. It is a beast and was perfect for this workout where low repetitions are ideal.


This superset consists of three exercises done with one arm, then rest before doing on the other side. Repeat on both sides for 3 total rounds.

Chain all three of these exercises together without any rest.

Press – Start by grabbing the kettlebell and cleaning it into the rack position. Then perform 4-8 repetitions of an overhead press.

Squat – After the last repetition of the overhead press, keep the kettlebell in the rack position and do 4-8 repetitions of a one armed squat. Focus on nice clean squat form. Go slow on the eccentric move; going down.

Swing – After the squats, drop the kettlebell down from the rack position and begin performing kettlebell swings. Focus on your breathing and hip snap – let me see you hip swing. Perform 10-20 repetitions.

That’s one superset. Rest then repeat with the other arm.

Rest then repeat for a total of three sets each side.

Swing Combo

Then next superset in the workout is a [kettlebell swing( combo.

This series just chains together three variations of the kettlebell swing:

  • Left Arm Kettlebell Swing, 5 repetitions
  • Right Arm Kettlebell Swing, 5 repetitions
  • Two Arm Kettlebell Swing, 10 repetitions

Repeat the superset twice without any breaks. Then rest and repeat for three total sets.

Ring Press and Roll-Out

The last superset in the workout uses either rings or TRX trainer. Set the rings to be just off the surface of the floor.

Grab the rings and extend into a high push up position.

Ring Press – lower yourself down either as a fly or narrow push up. I switched things up today and did flys. To perform the flys bring your hands out as you lower yourself down until your elbows are bent 90 degrees and your upper arm is parallel with the ground. Perform 8-12 repetitions.

Ring Roll-Out – Kneel back while still holding onto the rings. Bring your hands in close to your chest and keep them held firm. Now slowly roll forward, gradually extending your body into a full low-plank position on the rings. Hold for 10-30 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat for 3-5 times.

Rest then perform the superset 3 times.

At Home Workouts

This workout didn’t take much prep, lots of equipment, or space. That’s what I love about working out at home with kettlebells in my garage gym.

Adding Troy Barbell kettlebells to the gym has been a great addition. They are much better than many of the kettlebells I’ve seen for sale in stores. Quality matters, especially on the handles.

So grab a kettlebell and give this workout a shot. Let me know what you think.



Troy is the founder of Cube.Dweller.Fitness. He's an innovation catalyst in several areas of life including business, marketing, and process improvement. Outside of work he's actively involved in fitness, health, and living vibrantly in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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