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Kettlebell Man Maker Workout

Here is a workout with just a single exercise; the kettlebell man maker. It is tough and taxes your entire body.

The Kettlebell Man-Maker Workout

The workout is simply three sets of ten (3×10) of one movement. This movement is a great kettlebell combination movement that I found from Steve Maxwell. Here is his version:

There are many variations of the kettlebell man maker. For mine I changed it up slightly from Steve Maxwell’s kettlbell man maker video. I added a renegade row and a military press. So the entire sequence goes like this:

  • Start with two kettlebells shoulder width part in front of you on the ground.
  • Grab the handles and press into a high plank (starting position for a push up)
  • Do a pushup on the kettlebells.
    • Note: if you are using smaller kettlebells it is safer to tip them on their sides and do the pushups on the bells. Renegade rows are almost dangerous on kettlebells smaller than 20kg.
  • Lift the kettlebell in your right hand up towards your chest, then set it back down.
  • Do another pushup
  • Lift the kettlebell in your left hand up towards your chest, then set it back down.
  • Jump into a squat position
  • Perform a kettlebell clean
  • Press both kettlbells straight overhead for a military press

Choose a kettlebell that will let you do ten reps. Then do three sets of the kettlebell man maker workout.

Afterburner – Hanging Leg Raises

Grab your pullup bar and do three sets of hanging leg raises. Do as many as you can while keeping yourself from swinging. The movement should be nice and slow. Hang straight down, then lift your legs up in front of you. Aim for at least parallel to the ground, go higher if your flexibility and strength will allow.

Hanging leg raises are a great way to build core strength. They are a big part of the Abs Blueprint program from Rusty Moore.
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Doing hanging leg raises has helped me build my core strength so even though I sit much of the day I have less lower back pain than I used to. Nice outcome from adding one exercise to your workouts.

Also check out my post on the Hanging Windshield Wiper. It is a fun core movement to try as well.

Kettlebell Man Maker Workout

Do three sets of ten of the kettlebell man maker for a full body workout. One movement that works the entire body; give it a shot.

Let me know how it goes. For me this workout nailed my entire body: legs, core, chest, back, arms, and shoulders. Where did it hit you?


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