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Interval Training on Your Thumb

Interval Training on Your Thumb

What if you could have everything you need for interval training on your thumb? Sounds too good to be true. But not with the Set Starter.

intervals on your thumb

I’ve you’ve been with me for a while you might remember when I first reviewed the Set Starter wearable interval timer nearly two years ago. Eric DeRosa is the founder and inventor of the device and I had an opportunity to interview him.

We talked about his progress and how Set Starter has gone from Garage Dream into an International Business

Eric’s story continues to grow and build momentum. He started the business with just a vision for a better way to time intervals in fitness training. Since then he’s continued to push by doing what the majority of inventors won’t – he focused on marketing and promotion.

Marketing Matters

The word has gotten out about the Set Starter, but not by itself. Eric has worked hard to network with fitness author, fitness trainers, and all around fitness fanatics. That group became champions of the Set Starter story and helped spread the word.

That focus on intentional marketing and promotion is something that has kept great ideas from spreading. Any technologist will know what I mean. The annals of history are filled with technologically superior products that never spread.

Just having a great product is not enough.

Persistence and Improvement

The Set Starter success story highlights two characteristics that tend to shape leading products: persistence and improvement.



Sharing the company vision and story can’t be done once, the marketing message must done with persistence. By not relenting there is a breakthrough.

By studying different products and services across several industries the time period between the great ah-ha and market traction is often two years.

To build a new venture takes persistence to keep pressing and sharing the story consistently for two years.

Are there exceptions – of course. There are the unique companies that come of out no where and can get traction in just a matter of months. But those are extremely rare exceptions.

And on the other extreme there are companies that can exist for years just barely staying alive, only to make a subtle shift that ignites their sales.


That shift brings me back to the Set Starter story, and the soon to be available second generation.

Products must adapt and improve. By listening to customer feedback Eric has been able to improve the Set Starter.

He’s added more timing intervals. He’s added the ability for the simple device to time two alternating intervals, perfect for Tabata Training. He’s removed unused features like the audible indicator.

He’s improved the product for one reason: to help people get the most from their workouts.

Time Intervals Matter

At the core of the Set Starter story is solid science that will help get the most from our fitness efforts. Our body functions by delivering energy though different energy systems. Each of those systems have different characteristics affecting the duration of work as well as the amount of time it takes to recover.

If our workouts don’t respect those characteristics, we are just wasting our efforts. Faster and harder isn’t always the answer.

Set Starter

The Set Starter makes timing those intervals simple.

You don’t need to wear a watch.

You don’t need to carry your phone – skip the distractions that come with it.

Simply slide the Set Starter onto your thumb, set the intervals, and forget it. Focus on your training.

Check out more at, and tell Eric DeRosa that you came from Cube Dweller Fitness.

You can also read the Set Starter Interview Transcript.


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