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Assessment and Exercise – Find Issues and Fix Your Workouts

Are you a trainer, or fitness fanatic, who likes to develop your own programs? Then you need to take a look at the latest product from Rick Kaselj, called Muscle Imbalances – Assessment and Exercises. He pulls together an awesome team to dig into properly assessing movement to find issues then fix your workouts with proper exercises.

Rick Kaselj – He’s Been Here Before

For those of you that have been around for a while, or scoured the site, may recognize Rick’s name. That’s because he’s been here before. Rick is a trainer from Canada, eh, who has developed a specialization in addressing injuries and muscular imbalances. We did an interview where Rick talked about the need to Move it Or Lose it – keep moving.

While I still am refusing to believe that I’m in my forties and at some point need to say I’m old. I will admit that I’m much more aware of how my body moves; or doesn’t move. Those aches and pains can often be addressed by digging deeper into the biomechanics of how we move.

That same mind-set is why we launched Kettlebell Form Check – get your form right and avoid issues later on.

Rick knows this first hand from his experience helping people address injuries and work towards regaining mobility. Enter the 3rd edition of his Muscle Imbalances program.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed – 3rd Edition

Assessment & Exercise is the focus of the 3rd Edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed and it aims at helping you “Discover How to Pinpoint Problems & Fix Them with Exercises”.

As a fitness & health professional or exercise enthusiast we often just focus on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular techniques with our clients to help them reach their fitness goals. By just focusing on these three exercise techniques you hamper your client’s performance results, ability to bust through fitness plateaus, overcome injuries and remain injury-free. To get past this, what you need in your toolbox is a full understanding of muscle imbalances.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed goes beyond stretching what is tight, strengthening what is weak or just performing corrective exercises. It assists the fitness & health professional or exercise enthusiast in understanding the synergies that exist within the body and walks you through the intricacies of muscle imbalances.

In the Assessment & Exercise Edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed you will be guided by 4 experts from various health professions on how to perform a number of assessments that will allow you to pin-point problems and then give you the exercises to fix those problems in order to improve performance, athleticism, fitness results, injury prevention and injury recovery.

Who Are These Fitness Experts?

So the team brings incredible depth to this product. Here are some short bios for each of the four members helping you to find issues and fix your workouts.

Rick Kaselj from Exercises For Injuries

Rick specializes in active rehabilitation and fitness. He has worked in one-to-one active rehabilitation and group rehabilitation with people who have been injured at work, in motor vehicle accidents and during sport. Rick has personally trained a wide variety of individuals and lead group fitness classes for healthy and special populations.

Rick has put together several different products to help people recover and/or prevent injuries. His other products include:

Nick Rosencutter from Rosencutter Ultra Fitness

Nick Rosencutter is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the two most respected credentials in the fitness and strength and conditioning field. He is also a Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider.

Anthony Mychal from

Anthony Mychal exists at the crossroad between fitness and athleticism. As a professional, he’s a writer appearing on the likes of T-Nation,, STACK, and Greatist. As a dude, he’s a self-proclaimed performance junkie that practices martial arts tricking. He splatters his ideas about building a body that matters on a weekly basis at his blog.

John Izzo from Trainer Advice

John Izzo is an accomplished fitness professional with over a decade of experience working with people to achieve things they never thought possible. He is a commensurate professional and  coach, that supports others achieve great levels of fat loss, sports performance, and optimal health. He is a listener and an opportunist that believes in working hard by meeting challenges with passion and tenacity.

Assessment and Exercise – Sample Video Clips

Here is a short clip highlighting how to assess issues with the knee.

Listen to Anthony Mychal go old-school and expound on Vitruvian Man from Leonardo da Vinci.

Assessment and Exercise

Don’t keep building imbalances, instead take the time to learn from the team that Rick pulled together. Learn how to assess your movement, find issues, then fix your workouts with exercises.

Pick up Muscle Imbalances – Assessment and Exercises.


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