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Simple Exercises To Do During The Workday

Being at work 40 hours a week can really cut into workout time. However, there are exercises that you can do at your desk to help stay in shape and ward off stiffness and soreness from sitting all day. You can actually get a full body workout right in your chair with the help of a dumbbell and a water bottle.

simple exercise for cube dwellers

Arms and Wrists

You use these throughout the day, so they should not be neglected. First, put your left hand up as if you are signaling someone to stop. Then, take your other hand and push back on the fingers toward the top of your arm. Hold for this 20 to 30 seconds and then do it on the other hand.

stretch your hands

Take your dumbbell and do some bicep curls. Take the dumbbell in your hand, place your elbow in your thigh right above the knee and extend your lower arm. Simply, pull the dumbbell up toward your shoulder. Do two sets of 15 on each arm.

The back of the arm can be really hard to workout, but a single dumbbell can help this. Take the dumbbell in your hand and then place this arm up over your head and behind your back. At the elbow, extend your arm up. Do two sets of 15 on each arm.

Legs and Hips

Your hips can get stiff after sitting at a desk all day. Sit up tall with your feet firmly on the floor. Now, take one leg and raise it about six inches. Hold this for two seconds and then lower the leg. Do two sets of 15 on each leg.

Troy: This excise is good at isolating the hip flexors. I’ll suggest standing up to perform a set of bodyweight squats, or taking a trip to the stairs will be a bit more effective and will engage the entire posterior chain.

The next leg exercise will start just as the above leg exercise. However, you will take it a step further and extend your lower leg out on front of you and hold this two seconds and then lower the leg. Do two sets of 15 on each leg.

The inner thighs are a hard area to target, but a water bottle can help with this. Place your water bottle between your knees and hold it there. Now, squeeze the bottle using your inner thigh muscles for 10 seconds and then release and repeat five times.

Your Core

Your core muscles are what help you maintain proper posture when you are at your desk at work. Take your water bottle and hold it length-wise in each hand. Now, extend your arms above your head and then bend to one side slowly. Return to center and bend to the other side. You want to do 10 reps and each rep includes both sides.

Holding the water bottle the same way, hold it at chest level with your elbows out to your sides. Now, twist to one side. Next, you will return to center and twist to the other side. Like the above abdominal exercise, you will do this for 10 reps and each rep includes both sides.


stretch frequently at work

You should stretch a few times a day to keep your muscles loose. To keep your legs loose, stretch them out in front of you and try to touch your toes. For your back, you will use this same exercise as it also stretches your lower back since you are sitting in your chair. Stretch your arms by stretching them above your head and out in front of you. Each stretch should be held for 30 seconds.

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