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Troy Barbell Kettlebell Review – World’s First Kettlebell POV

We had to do it, we had to do a kettlebell review with the world’s first kettlebell POV video.

Perfect Combo

It was the perfect combo: a kettlebell from Troy Barbell Company, a GoPro Hero3+ Black, and myself. Oh it was fun.

The guys over at Troy Barbell have been incredible in two ways: generous for giving me a kettlebell to review and patient for waiting for the review to be finished. Let’s just say I’m glad 2013 is over and gone. It is a new year, so bring it on.

What we found is that the kettlebell from Troy Barbell … lives up the name TROY.

But we had to have some fun with it as well. I recently got a GoPro Hero3+ Black and am excited to use it more in the videos for the site. Capture those adventures, right?

Well when we were setting up to film the review we wanted to see what else we could come up with and Nathan Craig suggested that we strap the GoPro to the kettlebell — brilliant.

World’s First Kettlebell POV Video

Types of Kettlebells

There are two primary styles of kettlebells: competition and sport.

Competition Kettlebells

competition kettlebells
Competition kettlebells are the same physical size regardless of the weight.

These are used for girevoy sport, or kettlebell competitions. The advantage is the feel and form of the movement stays consistent as you add more weight.

Sport Kettlebells

sport kettlebells
The more common style of kettlebell is the sport kettlebell. This type of kettlebell changes in shape as the weight increases.

For most recreational lifters, or cube dwellers working to get and stay in shape for all of life, these are perfect.

What To Look For In A Kettlebell

If you’ve been around the site for a while you might have realized that I love kettlebells. I’m not going to say they are the only way to get and stay in shape, but they fit for a busy corporate or industrial athlete.

Time and space are precious commodities in a busy life and home. Kettlebells help on both fronts; you can get an incredible workout done in a short time and they don’t require much space.

The kettlebell is really nothing more than a weight with a handle.

The handle is the key to a good kettlebell.

Some kettlebells are formed with a ridge through the handle, which will destroy the skin of your hand. Run away from any kettlebell made with plastic, or multiple parts, especially multiple parts on the handle.

The kettlebell should be a solid weight. Remember many of the moves with the kettlebell are dynamic, the last thing you want to be concerned about is your kettlebell coming apart as you perform a swing, or snatch.

How’s the kettlebell from Troy Barbell rate?

I love it. The Troy Barbell kettlebell is a decent recreational kettlebell. The quality is much better than many of the sport kettlebells I’ve found in stores. The handle is smooth and only has minor burrs that can be easily sanded off.

Head over to Troy Barbell and Fitness and grab a kettlebell, or three, from them.

Then check out Kettlebell Guide to help you get started.


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