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5-50 Workout | Box Jumps and Bulgarian Bag SuperSets

Time for another workout video. This one is a full body workout that will hit your legs, core, and chest. I call it the 5-50 workout.

5-50 Workout

Superset workout with a plyometric box and a bulgarian training bag

Spin that training bag.

The workout is named 5-50 because it is made up of 5 sets of 50 repetitions. Those repetitions come from 10 repetitions of 5 different exercises. Pound through this superset then take a long rest – 3 to 5 minutes. Then hit it again for all 5 sets.

I’ll admit that I have a tough time resting for that long between work intervals. I much prefer the tabata format interval training, but this rest recovery period will help your body recover before hitting the superset again. Take out a watch and time your rest intervals, don’t just guess.

By taking 3-5 minutes you are giving your body time to prepare to hit it hard another time. But by the time you hit the 5th set see how you are doing. Can you keep up the pace, or did you sneak a micro-break between exercises?

Plyometric Box Movements

The first two movements use the plyometric box: box jumps and incline pushups.

Box jumps are a great exercise to build explosive power in your legs. Stand in front of the box and jump up onto it, then jump back down; repeat.

Then turn around to face away from the box, place your hands on the ground and kick your feet up onto the top of the box. Now you are ready for incline pushups on the plyometric box.

Bulgarian Bag Movements

The remaining three movements in the 5-50 superset use a Bulgarian training bag.

First do the Bulgarian Bag spin, doing ten repetitions in each direction. This is one of the core movements described in greater detail in the free eBook I’m finishing up. This is the movement that will hit your core hard.

Then switch to doing ten repetitions of the Bulgarian Training Bag swing. This is very much like a double kettlebell swing with a wider stance to allow room for the bag to clear you knees. The swing will transform your backside while building your cardiovascular system. You could base an entire workout program on just the swing.

The 5-50 Workout Video

Visual Impact Cardio

If you are looking for state of the art information on aerobic training to add to your workouts, check out Visual Impact Cardio.

Rusty rocks the conventional boat again with this program and challenges conventional wisdom with info like…

How Stubborn Body Fat is more sensitive to insulin, less sensitive to adrenaline, and has less blood flow compared to “regular” body fat.

What about you?

What interval format do you like and why? What are your fitness goals and do they determine the work/rest format you use?

Mine tend to mimic the sports I enjoy where I need to go hard, then have time for active recovery.

Let’s hear what you think of the 5-50 workout and what work/rest format you use.


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