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30-30 Interval Workout

As part of my recovery path after feeling blue and feeling down, I’ve been loving 30-30 interval workouts. This workout is perfect when you need a little more recovery time, it will challenge you with both cardiovascular and strength training.

24kg and 28kg Kettlebells

30-30 Workout Framework

The concept behind this workout is even intervals of 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest. The workout is then built up into 3 rounds of 5 exercises.

During the workout each interval will alternate between two main types of training:

  • Strength
  • Cardio

The strength intervals will be performed with a little less intensity and speed, but will demand more muscular exertion.

The cardio intervals will be less strenuous on your muscles, but will get your heart and lungs working.

By alternating the focus of the intervals your different systems get a little recovery beyond the 30 second rest period.

30-30 Workout Rounds

The 30-30 Workout can be easily scaled by changing the rounds. A great workout to start with is two rounds, with a 3 minute rest between rounds.

Scale it up by adding one or two more rounds to the workout.

When you are ready for even more, rest less. Decrease the rest periods between rounds, then if that isn’t enough, start reducing the rests between exercises.

30-30 Workout Exercises

You can get creative with the exercises you choose for this workout, just remember to alternate between strength and cardio focused exercises.

The workout consists of five exercises:

  1. Kettlebell Swing – do any variety of the swing, just be sure to work both sides equally through the entire workout. For example do one-arm swings with the right hand for the first round, then left hand in the second, and two-hands for the third round.
  2. Burpees – okay so this exercise may blur the line between strength and cardio. For me this hits my cardiovascular system more; I’m puffing hard before my muscles fatigue.
  3. Kettlebell Squat – Try differing weights and grips. I did this by using my 60 lb Troy Barbell Kettlebell using different squat forms for each round: right arm front squat, left arm front squat, and goblet squat.
  4. Jump RopeJust keep skipping. Grab your jump rope and skip for all 30 seconds of the work period. If you want add in some variety to the skips, but the goal is continuous movement for the entire work period.
  5. Push Up – build that chest. This round is slow and steady. Pick a pace where you can keep moving for the entire 30 seconds without pausing.

Give it a Go

Jump rope

Give the 30-30 workout a shot when you want to mix in some variety to your conditioning.

Leave a comment and let’s hear how it went. How many rounds? What rest periods did you use?

My first bout with this workout was for three rounds, with a 3 minute rest between the second and third round.

Bring it.


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