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30-30 Fighter Interval Workout

Time for another 30-30 workout. Crank up the intensity and work hard in this interval fighter workout. This one will burn fat, improve cardiovascular strength, work your core and build a powerful upper body. Meet the fighter 30-30 interval workout.

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The 30-30 Fighter Intervals

Like the previous 30-30 workouts this workout consists of intervals made up of 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.

30 Seconds may not sound like much, but that’s all your bodies energy system can produce in one burst. After that your ATP-CP system is depleted and your body must start tapping into your glycogen stores for energy.

The 30-30 workout have five different exercises to make one round of five intervals. When you start aim to make it through one round, then take a 3-5 minute recovery break. Drink water, or a recovery beverage. Rest before starting again.

The entire workout is 3 rounds of the 5 exercises. That means you will be workout for a total of seven and a half minutes. Sure there are rest intervals and rest breaks, but you are going all out for 7.5 minutes.

The exercises in the fighter 30-30 interval workouts are:

  • 24″ Box Jumps drag out the plyometric box you made and jump on, step off, and repeat. If you don’t have a plyometric box, you can do jump squats. Jump squats are an explosive version of the bodyweight squat where you jump as high as you can in the air when coming up from the bottom of the squat.
  • Heavy Bag – go at the heavy bag using one of the options listed below. The key is to keep punishing the bag, use your upper body, making sure that you keep breathing while you punch.
  • Mountain Climbers pick a variation and work those abdominal muscles. I like the standard mountain climber video and the cross-body mountain climber versions the best.
  • Heavy Bag Use another combination, or punching pattern, and go at the heavy bag for another interval.
  • Hanging Leg Raises Jump up to a pullup bar, let your legs hang, then with a slight bend in your knees raise your legs by bending at your hips. Do not swing, this should be a slow, steady, and controlled movement.

The Heavy Bag Fighter Workout

The core of this workout is using a heavy bag for two of the five intervals. The other work on explosive legs and core.

When you work a heavy bag change up what you do each round, but here are the combinations I used.

  • Rapid fire jabs
  • Jab Cross
  • Jab – jab – Cross
  • 6 Jabs
  • 5 Jabs – Elbow

Pick combinations that are intense, but let you keep punching for the entire 30 seconds. These intervals will work your body hard. Keep your cardiovascular system going, keep breathing, and keep your upper body punishing the bag.

The rest of the workout is intervals to support the fighter in you: legs and core strength.

The 30-30 Fighter Workout Packs A Punch

Seriously, it is only seven and a half minutes of work.

7.5 Minutes

But give this workout your best shot and I think you will agree that those 7.5 minutes are an incredible workout.

That’s why I love these types of workouts. They do not take a lot of time but they produce results; fast and efficient workouts to help you burn fat and build muscle so you can get on with enjoying life.

What do you think of the 30-30 fighter interval workout? Grab your timer, your bag gloves, and start swinging. Then come back and leave a comment.

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